Screen Recorder iOS Feature and Apps

The screen recorder iOS is actually the new feature released since iOS 9 developed and released to the public. This is one of the most shocking features which please everyone. As it can ease you doing many things such as making video tutorial, and many more. This feature is also made for fun. For the user of iOS 9 and iOS 10, now screen recording will be done so easy, simple and handy. You need to install some apps such as iRec or quicktime player to do this job. Before the release of iOS 9, apple concerned so much to the privacy and security of its users. Therefore, they donot allow any apps to record the iOS device’s screen. When it is malfunctioning, you may realize it is off, but actually it is still on. You may risk your password and email information you enter on your device. So you need to install some apps like reflector to record your screen, which is only work through the computer. Remember as well that it is not free. You can try quicktime player, as it will be no cost or free. However, it is not as simple as you think, because you need to have cydia apps, which means that you need to jailbreak your phone first to get the app. These days, there are some cool apps as the screen recorder iOS you can download and install into your iOS device without requiring jailbreak, and then make it as fun way to record everything you do on you device’s screen, and the apps are;


irec iRec is as one of the most popular screen recorder iOS many people use in the recent years. This apps is so amazing, and also will be very easy to do. This application lets you recording your iOS device’s screen activity so friendly and easy, you have the choice to save or discard the video after recording. So, how to get this app? Here are the steps:
  1. First of all, you need to open safari
  2. After that, enter the address
  3. After the address opened, look forr the apps namely iRec, and that is the apps we are looking for.
  4. You see iRec apps on the address, and then click get in the apps to start downloading and automatically installing it.
  5. Wait few minutes until the installation succeed. Then, you can start using this amazing application.


airshou AirShou is another very popular screen recorder iOS you can try. This will be a very cool as well as fun app to record various activities you do in your iOS device. To get this app will be so easy as well, just follow the steps below
  1. Open your safari browser
  2. Type the address
  3. Scroll down until you see an app namely AirShou
  4. Tap the “install” button
  5. Open setting > general > device management and trust
The app will be automatically installed into your iOS device. You only need to wait this few minutes, and the icon will be shown on the home screen. Once it is opening, you will find two choices including start broadcasting and start recording. You yourself know best what to do. Then, you also have the choices to set some features such as orientation, resolution, bitrate and also format. To record your screen, just tap “start recording”. You have the option to play, save the video, open the file on camera roll, or delete the video simply on one tab. If the app is cannot be opened, here are the steps you can do to fix it.
  1. Go to settings > general > profile
  2. On this page, you may find several enterprise apps
  3. Choose the app corresponding to the app that iphone doesn’t let you open
  4. Tap on the trust button and another one to confirm

Quicktime Player

quicktime-player The quicktime player is the free apps available by iOS, you can download this apps on your iOS 8 or later. This app lets you to record what you do in your iphone or ipad screen. To run this app, you will need:
  • An iOS device running iOS 8 or later
  • A Mac running OS X Yosemite or later
  • Lightning cable (the cable that comes with iOS devices)
To run this app, Here are the steps:
  1. Connect your iOS device to a computer via the lightning cable
  2. Open QuickTime player app
  3. Click File then select ‘New Movie Recording’
  4. recording window will appear (with you in it, most likely). Click the little arrow of the drop down menu in front of the record button, then select your device
  5. Select the Mic of your iPhone if you want to record music/sound effects
  6. Then, click the Record button. Now you are starting recording the area that you want to.
  7. if you have done to do this, simply tap the stop button and save the video.