4 Best Screen Recorder for IOS

Screen recording now becomes the activity which many people need for various importance. Some of them want to make video tutorial of their own iOS device’s screen, or mac, they can share with other people. If you are a game freaker, you can make a video about your gameplay, and then share it to your followers. It will be very fun, and beneficial for some people.  When it comes so confuse finding the best screen recorder for iOS, here we are going to help you. We have 4 best screen recorder for iOS you can download, and find it from the app store. Some of them are free, and some are paid.

Quicktime Player


The quicktime player is an option that was introduced with iOS 8 and os x yosemite. This cool screen recorder for your iOS is very recommended that you should have. To record iphone screen or ipad screen, it will be so easy to use, and easy to install. What you need to run this app?

  • An iOS device that uses os 8 or later
  • A mac that uses os x yosemite or later
  • Lightning cable (the cable that comes with iOS devices)
  • No need for jailbreak, a third party app or additional hardware.

After all the parts are prepared, just follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your iOS device to your mac via the lightning cable
  2. Open quicktime player
  3. Click file, and select ‘new movie recording’
  4. A recording window will appear (with you in it, most likely). Click the little arrow of the drop down menu in front of the record button, then select your iphone or ipad
  5. If you want to record music/sound effects, you need to select a mic on your iOS device.
  6. To start recording, just tap the record button. Once you have finished, tap this button once more.
  7. Save the video



The screen flow is another best screen recorder for iOS you should consider to have. This cool app provides the same way to record your iOS device’s screen like the quicktime. One the plus thing of this app is that you can edit the video after recorded, just like another program. This app can capture video so well, with high quality. However, quicktime is free, but the screenflow deserves to try. To start using it, it will be so simple and easy. You only need to plug in your iOS device to the mac by using a lighting cable. Then, open screenflow. This app can automatically detect your device. To start recording, just tap the record button once it has finished installing.



Elgato is another cool apps you can use to record the iOS screen. This app is made even before apple made the quicktime player, used by the gamers to capture the screen of iOS device. This will be so cool, you should have this for various needs of recording the screen. You need to set this before using. You will need the hdmi adapter, and hdmi cable. How to do this? You can see the video youtube below.




How about reflector? In my other site, i have discussed with you about this very cool apps you can have. This will be excellent that allows you recording many activities on your iOS device so fun and easy. You can shoot the video when shooting live. This app cost is quite high, it is offered at $14.99 for the reflector 2. However, you can still enjoy 7 days free trial. What’s great about this app is, it does not require any cable to connect a mac or pc into your iOS device. It also results very good quality of video captured with high resolution.