5 Best Free Screen Recorder IOS

These days, people are requiring the best work of any device, including iOS. They want their iOS device can record its own screen, so people can do many things with this app like making video tutorial, making a record for their gameplay, and many more. Screen recorder just became the dream in the past few years. Today, it comes true. We live in a world which makes everything possible. Say thank to the iOS developer which have made such a great technology, in which eases us so much in doing many works simply on our hands. Now you also can get the free screen recorder iOS, with no cost and charge.

For some bloggers, making the video about screen recorder becomes so important. It becomes the part of their content which many users and viewers enjoy. Purchasing the screen recorder iOS is can be so hard for some people, as it can charge much money. You can get the free screen recorder iOS, it is a good news, right? Don’t waste your time, start looking for them in app store. Here are the 5 best free screen recorder iOS.



Airshou is the most popular free iOS screen recorder. The good news is that it does not need any jailbreak, so easy and convenient. Then, you can save the recording video to the camera roll. This application works on ipad and iphone, depend on airplay you record. This app also provides you a lot of features that most recording app does not offer. You can use this app to record your iOS device screen with good stereo sound, and also taking the screen shot simply by shaking your iOS device. There are still number of cool features you can enjoy with this app.


Vidyo is another cool apps you can download for the iOS device. The base of this app is free, but for the premium functionality, it is charge at $4.99, of course with the more features and access. However, you also still can enjoy the base version, and record anything so convenient. It works on ipad and iphone. After you finish recording, you can automatically save the video to the camera roll. It works depend on airplay you record.

Bb rec


The bb rec is another iOS screen recorder you should consider to download. This app can be used and do not require any jailbreak as well. This app is free, and of course provides you some cool feature. However, notice one thing that saving to the camera roll is done to iphone only. Whereas this app can work on iphone and ipad.



Airserver is another very cool iOS screen recorder. This apps is working on pc/mac only. So if you want to record anything in your mac screen, you only need to download and install this app. This app is free only for 7 days trial, and can be extended to 14 days. This app also works depend on airplay you record.



The reflector is another 7 free to use app you can download into your iOS device. This app will be so cool and interesting, with some great features. Reflector 2 costs $14.99, this can greatly help you to record you iOS device’s screen. You does not require any cable to connect it, just need iphone, ipad and your mac. This app enables you to record your iphone screen at up to 60 fps, it makes the frame when recording. Of course it also provides the stereo sound.