IOS 7 Screen Recorder With RecordMyScreen

Are you a user of iOS 7? You may still use iphone 4 or iphone 5. Now recording the screen of your iOS device can be done so easy. Actually apple does not permits third party apps to record screen of their users. It relates to the privacy and security issues, especially to keep saving some vital information such as password and username. You can use quicktime player to do screen recording, then you need to connect it with a mac or computer device. If you don’t want to do this, you need to do jailbreak, and then install some iOS screen recorder apps. Here we are going to share with you iOS 7 screen recorder no jailbreak.


There are some tweaks which can help you recording your iOS device’s screen so easy. One of the most popular is RecordMyScreen. This is as one of the most used tweaks, beside display recorder, which is used by so many video bloggers who are sharing some video tutorials on their site or channel. Everyone can have this tweak or app, and to operate it will be so easy as well. You can use the video recording of your iphone or ipod device in high quality definition.


RecordMyScreen can trigger the recording process depends on the activator gesture. It will be so much easy and fun. To enjoy this you will need your device jailbroken. You can grab the activator for this tweak from many sources. So how to get this app? Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open Cydia → Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
  2. Tap onEdit. Then tap on
  3. Enter this url:
  4. Tap on Add Source
  5. Let Cydia refresh packages. If it is required, Reboot/Respring
  6. Head back to Cydia ->Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
  7. Tap on the newly added repo (
  8. Tap on Activator and install it.

After your RecordMyScreen tweak is installed, the Next step you should do is Searching for “RecordMyScreen (Tweak)” in Cydia’s search function. Once you have found it, just click install. Afterwards, you are ready to use this tweaks. Simply go to setting > RecordMyScreen > activation method. For the simplerr way, you can triple-press the home button to trigger the recording process.

RecordMyScreen also can be very useful to edit and configure your videos. You can edit it, and save it into high definition video. Save it, and you can view and share the video in the later time. This tweak will be compatible with any iOS devices including ipad and iphone. If you experience some problems, you only need to visit this official site.