IOS Screen Recorder with the Reflector 2

To be able to recording the screen will be very interesting to do. You can easily make any video tutorial or other interesting video to share with the others. IOS technology now lets people will be able to share many types of video of the screen recorder for various type of activities. When you want to record it all in the certain time, now iOS let you do this with so easy. IOS screen recorder feature can be obtained so easy now in which it can let you having so much fun recording your iOS device’s screen.

Reflector 2 Screen Recorder


If you want to have the very powerful and fast iOS screen recorder, you should consider to use the reflector 2. This application will be very good for mirroring, and also will let you enabling audio and video recording of your iOS device like iphone, ipad and ipod. You can easily capture the screen’s device activity with some frames, and can be modified into a realistic feel, or simply just record the screen for a certain approach. You can simply record your screen, and then view it in the later. Usually the video is saved in the camera roll folder.

What are the functions of iOS screen recorder? Here are the points you can enjoy by recording activites of your iOS device’s screen.

  • Video tutorial. If you want to show your friends about how to do something in phone, you will need a video tutorial. Screen recording will be so comfortable to do.
  • Presentation and demonstration. You also can demonstrate and present something you want to show to your viewers, for the easy and fun video you did by your hand on your iOS device.
  • You also can make a review for a digital product you enjoy in your mobile phone, and you can share this experience to the other simply by using a cool video review by recording your screen. Instead of using any physical camera, the iOS screen recorder like reflector 2 will be such so comfortable to do.
  • Do you love playing iOS game? It will be very fun. What is your favorite game? You can show it off to the other while you are playing a game by recording it through the iOS screen recorder. You can share it with the others who feel so curious with your game.

How To Use Reflector


You can use reflector in your iOS device even without any jailbreak. This app will be so great as a help to record your skin. Anyway, you also can have the other screen recorder apps like quicktime player, but it requires cable connected to a mac. Reflector can help you doing it so easy with no jailbreak. Moreover, firstly you need to ensure that your device is compatible with this recording app. Check the hardware and operating system work on your device.

You need to download the app first from the computer, then connect your iOS device to the computer. To begin this app, just select start recording in the device menu. then, just follow the instruction of the app to start making a video of screen recording.