How To Record IOS Screen with Shou

How to record iOS screen? In the past few years, people thought that recording the iOS screen only becomes the thing not possible. But these days, it becomes the true and actual thing. You can see in some video youtube channels, the vlogers give video tutorial about iphone or mac, by using a screen recorder. You know that this is not an old story, it now as a consumption of many people, used by people based on its importance.


How to record iOS screen? You have to jailbreak your phone, it is the most common thing to do. Apple aware so much about safety and security of their user, so you need to jailbreak it if you want to enjoy screen recorder apps. If you don’t want to do so, you can need to connect your iOS device with the window or mac.

Is there any way to espace from both methods? Can we screen the iphone or ipad screen instantly?

Don’t worry, because now you can use some cool apps available in app store by using the airshou. This can be used on your iphone and ipad. It is an excellent iOS screen recorder, it can record your iOS screen device without jailbreak and the help of computer. All is done so quickly and instant. Unfortunately, the shou is not available in app store, you need to download and install it with the different way. This app is compatible with the iOS 7 or later.

Recording IOS Device Screen with Shou


Here we have the step by step about how to download and install the shou app on your iOS device both iphone and ipad. This application will be so easy to find, but not in app store. Just follow the glance step here.

  1. Open your safari on you iphone or ipad
  2. Type this address into the text field,
  3. Download and insall emu4iOS store (beta)on your device. Some apps which are not available in app store is available in emu4iOS store.
  4. Launch this app
  5. Open the emu4iOS store, and then scroll down until you find shou app.
  6. Download and install it
  7. Launch the app, and then you can use the facebook address to sign up instantly
  8. Start recording. Tap the button, and go with the process. Now you can enjoy this app anytime you want.

The shou app is such an amazing screen recording app as it provides you some options including format, orientation, birate and resolution. You can have better result of video screen recording. Operating this app also will be so easy. There are some other options on this app including;

  • Play: letting you play the recording.
  • Open in:allowing you to open the recording in your favorite app.
  • Save to camera roll:letting you save the recording in the camera roll.
  • Delete:removing the recording you want to remove.

If you want to have this cool app, so what are you waiting for? It will be so fun, and excited to have. Have fun!