Screen Recorder For iOS with Movavi

Are you looking for an screen recorder for iOS? There are so many names offered in the market about some popular iOS screen recorder. You may so often hearing some popular apps like airshou, quicktime player, reflector 2, and movavi. In this post, we will so please sharing with you some ideas about screen recorder for iOS with movavi. This will be another very great app which can help you recording some activities in your iOS device.


Recording the screen in the iOS will be so much fun and excited. Why you need to try movavi? This amazing app can be used for some platforms including mac and windows. The movavi app can be very beneficial to do some excited things such as recording the iOS screen, editing the captured videos, adding the voiceover and/or soundtrack to a particular video. It also can save your video in various format you intend. Specialty, the movavi app also can help you editing the video such as add any captions, overlay the effects, trim and cut the footage, and many more.

If you are also a iOS games freaker, you might think to have a video recording your gameplay. You can share the video to your friends or followers. This will be super fun to do, and can help other people getting our own experience, and apply our ideas for their own. Probably you are the one who love sharing some tips in optimizing an iOS device. You must need a screen recorder to make a cool simple video tutorial. Movavi app is a recommended app you should download and use. This can help you capturing video on your screen, and then transferring it directly to the mac. The editing process also will be convenient.

Movavi Screen Recorder Features


Here are some detailed features you can obtain with movavi app screen recorder for iOS

  1. Capture your iOS device screen: capturing will be easy
  2. Edit the recorded video: afterward you have finished capturing, then you can edit and make it better to see.
  3. Add a voiceover and soundtrack: for a video tutorial, you will need the voice to instruct people. This app can let you adding your own voice to the video, adding music, and adjusting the volume level as well.
  4. Save the result in any format: there are some popular formats that most people use to save video such as, mp4, mov, flv, avi, and many more. This app can provide all format choices you can choose.
  5. When your video is ready, you can save it in on your computer in any popular video format: avi, mp4, mov, flv, and more. You can also optimize it for any mobile device by using one of the custom presets.
  6. Share the video to the others: sharing video you have captured and edited will be so much fun and easy with movavi screen recorder.