Vidyo IOS Screen Recorder Download


Following the development of apple operating system or usually called as iOS, there are some excellent features added to make its users feel so excited when using the technology. However, iOS team and developer always try to make all the user get the best experience of using their iOS device. That’s why, there are number of innovation given, pioneered by apple in the recent years. IOS also enables its users to record their screen. Here you can get some informations about iOS screen recorder download.

Vidyo IOS Screen Recorder Download

The iphone and ipad owners always come to the app store finding some cool app, reading the review, and also find what they need the most. Otherwise, apple tries to make everything secure and safe. Screen recording is not permitted by apple, so if people want to do this, they should do jailbreak. Unless they need to connect their device with a mac or window pc, but anyway, you need the cable to connecting it. These days, there are some developers of apps building iOS screen recorder that requires no jailbreak.

In here, we recommend you to use the cool iOS screen recorder namely vidyo. Why should have this cool app? We are going to explain about it in the next explanation. You will get here at a glance. The vidyo app will be so cool, as a functionality iOS screen recorder, for fast and fun. This app is also completed with some additional features over its primary, and also make the video so easy to imported recorded.  You can save it into the camera rool, and then view it in the later. This app has the audio commentary recorded over it using voice annotation, connected to the device’s microphone. You also can have multiple vide files, and process of recording will be so straightforward.

The vidyo can be installed into your iOS device such as iphone and ipod. It will be easy to download and install. Screen capture, audio capture, and video recording are done so easy and handy. You can download vidyo iOS screen recorder here. Vidyo primary functionality itself price $4.99, but probably there is a free trial at the first try, just hope so.